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Why the Revs May Not be Active this Winter

Posted by Mike Marshall on December 28, 2008

After failing to reach the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2001, and stumbling badly during the second half of the season, many had believed this winter could possibly bring sweeping changes to New England.  The Revs have been the model of consistency, and haven’t experienced a major roster turnover in several years.  But the window of opportunity seems to be closing on the current group of core players, and one could look at the departure of Michael Parkhurst as a sign that a significant shakeup was in order.

While the club seems to have the means and the will to go shopping, there are some roadblocks in their way.  Most notably, the league’s reduction in overall roster spots from 27 to 24 means the cuts will have to come before the team can go shopping.

New England currently has 24 players on their roster, including Jeff Larentowicz and Argenis Fernandez, whose futures are a bit uncertain at this point.

So the Revs are in a situation where if they want to bring someone in, then someone has to go.  If you’re Sam Brill, Brandon Tyler, Gary Flood, Joe Germanese, or Brandon Manzonelli, you’re not very happy about this.

Let’s say all five of them are cut, and the Revs open up five roster spots.  Where might those roster spots go?

One of them will go to a backup goalkeeper.  Even if Brad Knighton is moved up to the Senior Roster to replace Doug Warren, I can’t imagine the Revs opting to go with only two goalies on the roster.

I’m hearing that Michael Videira is read to try his hand at MLS after being released by SPL bottom-feeders Hamilton Academical.  Their loss – Videira’s a player.  That’s two spots.

You’d have to think that at least one other spot will go to a player the team drafts.  After all, they’ve got two first round picks and five in the first three rounds.  I can’t imagine them drafting only one player who makes the team.

So that leaves two slots the team would have to fill.  So, go sign the two best foreign players you can find, right?  Sure… except the Revs have only one available International Roster spot in this scenario since they traded one of their eight International Roster spots to Toronto for Pat Phelan last year.

That means the Revs would have to cut Fernandez if they wanted to bring in two International Players, and they’d still have three roster spots to fill.  Presumably, I’m guessing this is why they traded for all those draft picks.

In the end, I’m guessing the Revs sign no more than two International Players.  They’ll bring in Videira, a backup goalkeeper and probably two more draft picks.  But that might be about it.

Could all this change?  Sure.  The club could trade Taylor Twellman or Shalrie Joseph tomorrow, in which case this entire post would be moot.  Call it a gut feeling, but I sense that this winter will see tweaking rather than an overhaul of the roster.


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