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Revs Looking to Move Up in Draft?

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 3, 2009

Ives Galarcep checks in with his Mock Draft today.  Most interesting to Revs fans are a couple of notes regarding New England’s efforts to move up.

2. Toronto FC- Omar Gonzalez, D, Maryland

The list of teams interested in moving up to this pick continues to grow because there are a handful of teams eager to grab Gonzalez. TFC isn’t convinced in Gonzalez and look very likely to grab the best trade package. Sources tell me offers have already been made and Los Angeles, FC Dallas, D.C. United and New England have all been identified as teams interested in moving up.

Gonzalez to the Revs is a long shot – especially if LA, Dallas, and DC are interested.  LA picks 3rd and would only have to move up one spot to make sure they get Gonzalez.  Dallas picks 5th and 11th and DC United picks 6th and 7th.  The Revs are outgunned, unless Toronto just wants to sell the pick to whichever team is willing to give them the most allocation money.

Either that, or there’s something bigger cooking.  Can’t get the Twellman trade rumors out of my head.

As for the Revs’ picks in this scenario…

10. New England-  Yohance Marshall, D, South Florida

The Revs are among the teams trying to move up in the draft (We believe they covet Omar Gonzalez and Jeremy Hall), but if they stay put they could wind up with the best senior defender of the bunch. Marshall was the Big East’s top defender and the Revs have surely gotten a good look at Marshall throughout the fall. A strong and athletic centerback who is also very mature for a rookie, Marshall could step in and play major minutes as New England tries to cope with the departure of Michael Parkhurst.

I’d be disappointed if the Revs made this pick.  Not because Marshall is a bad player – he’s not.  I’d be disappointed because it would be an admission by the Revs that they screwed up the Rob Valentino pick last year and that they don’t have a great deal of faith in Gabriel Badilla.

On the bright side, I would so go out and buy a Yohance Marshall jersey.

15. New England- Michael Lahoud, M, Wake Forest

When the Revs let Khano Smith go in the expansion draft, they had to know the 2009 draft would have a few quality left wing prospects. Jeremy Hall is the best in the draft, but he’ll be long gone by now, leaving the Revs to turn to Lahoud, a speedster who might not be quite as dangerous as Hall but does have speed and the ability to play centrally if needed. If the Revs address this position with their earlier pick, then Chris Pontius or Mike Grella will likely get the call.

In contrast, I’d be thrilled if the Revs landed Lahoud, who not only fits a need, but is a Nicol-type of player who’s versatile and effective on offense and defense.


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