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Revs to Visit Geography-Challenged RailHawks

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 7, 2009

It’s official: the Revs will wrap up their preseason in Cary, NC of all places with a game against the Carolina RailHawks on March 14th.

A few quotes from the official press release caught my eye:

The 2007 US Open Cup Champions and 2008 SuperLiga Champions will participate in community events with the RailHawks while in town. In addition, during that week, the Carolina RailHawks will announce other initiatives that are sure to excite the whole Triangle community.

I’m thinking that the only announcement the RailHawks could make that would excite the whole Triangle community would be if they signed Tyler Hansbrough. (Warning: link is to a creepy Tyler Hansbrough fan site)

But still, it’s an exageration.  It’s not like they made a factual error:

In 2007 the RailHawks traveled to New London, CT to face the Revolution in the semi-final of the US Open Cup. The Revolution won that match in double-overtime and went on to win the trophy but not after 120 minutes of pure heartfelt soccer.

I’m thinking the people of New Britain, CT will have stronger memories of this game than their neighbors in New London.  Google Maps says they’re only off by 52 miles.

“Cary is a perfect location to conduct a portion of our preseason schedule – the weather, location – it’s just perfect for us,” Revolution head coach Steve Nicol said. “WakeMed Soccer Park is one of the best soccer-only stadiums in the country, and we’re excited to face the RailHawks again after a great game in the Open Cup two years ago. This trip will be a great way to wrap up our preseason and get ready to open our MLS season the following weekend.”

There’s no way Steve Nicol said a word of this.  First of all, if someone asked him about playing the RailHawks, he would have pointed out that the only reason the Revs are even playing this game is the opportunity to kick seven shades of crap out of Ronald Cerritos. (Did that guy ever score against anyone but us?)

But the other giveaways:

  1. You can understand it.
  2. I would bet every possession I own that Steve Nicol does not know that the RailHawks play in WakeMed Soccer Park.
  3. As we established this year, the Revolution Coaching Staff barely stays awake during Cup play, let alone pays attention.
  4. At no point did he utter the words, “…an ya cannae despue tha, Jimmeh!” ($1 to Tom Hill)

2 Responses to “Revs to Visit Geography-Challenged RailHawks”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    Memo to the Steve Nicol robot quoted in the release:

    The weather in N.C. during mid-March is only ideal if you’re coming from, say, Iceland or the Bering Strait.

    That is all.

  2. This article is a part of universe. I enjoy universe. Ever since I was little. Nice article .

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