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Gomez Sweepstakes Heating Up

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 14, 2009

The race to sign out-of-favor Colorado midfielder Christian Gomez is apparently heating up and at this point, it appears likely that the former MLS MVP will be traded during tomorrow’s SuperDraft.

Ives Galarcep is reporting that the Revs are talking to the Rapids:

With Colorado desperately looking to unload disgruntled former MLS MVP Christian Gomez, the Rapids just might have a suitor in New England. According to a source (and you can stick this under the category of rumor rather than deal close to being done), the Revs could be interested in acquiring the Argentine playmaker for a package including one of New England’s first-round draft picks (10 and 15). The Rapids would also likely have to pay a portion of Gomez’ contract, which has one year left at the league non-DP maximum.

Excited at the prospects of Gomez heading to Foxboro?  Don’t get your hopes up just yet.

The equally reputable Steven Goff reports that FC Dallas, fresh off picking up Dave van den Bergh, is the frontrunner to acquire the Argentinian:

One of Christian Gomez‘s contacts tells me that Dallas is the front-runner to acquire the former MLS most valuable player from Colorado. “It’s not a done deal and other teams are interested,” the contact said. But it’s clear the Rapids and Coach Gary Smith, who barely utilized Gomez late last season, want to move the Argentine midfielder and his guaranteed contract that will pay him around $400,000 this season.

It should be noted that the reports don’t really contradict each other.  And Dallas would appear to have more to offer than New England, since I think forcing the Rapids to eat a hefty portion of Gomez’ contract would be a big deal.

3 Responses to “Gomez Sweepstakes Heating Up”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    There is no way in Satan’s heated homeland that Gomez comes to the Revs for two reasons.

    1. Revs only have a 10 and a 15 pick. They likely won’t be packaged together. So essentially you’re trading Michael Lahoud (projected tenth pick by espnsoccernet) or Matt Besler (projected 15th pick) for the 2006 MVP. You call that a serious offer? Really?

    2. The Revs won’t give him number 10. That number’s wicked off limits. I can see Taylor Twellman bitching about it already.

  2. Mike Marshall said

    Well, you’re overlooking the fact that Colorado feels some urgency to clear his salary off their cap. That leads to trades that seem lopsided at first.

  3. Mike Flanagan said

    You’re right, I overlooked that…has there ever been a major trade in MLS that wasn’t lopsided? lol

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