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SuperDraft Thoughts: Part 2

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 14, 2009

My final thoughts on this year’s SuperDraft, now less than 24 hours away…

  • He’s yet to play a game in the league, and Steve Zakuani might already be the most overpaid player in the league this side of Marcello Gallardo.  If Steven Goff’s report is accurate, he’ll make more in his first year than Brian McBride, Chris Rolfe, Pat Noonan, Kenny Cooper, Edson Buddle, Chad Barrett, and Daniel Dichio.
  • So much for AJ de la Garza being my draft sleeper.  Interesting to see him play a little right back, and I even think he could play a holding midfield role for some team.  You know, he’s not that much shorter than Parkhurst.
  • Admittedly, I missed watching Cal play this year, but a friend of mine on the West Coast swears to me that Stefan Frei is the most overrated player to enter the draft in years.
  • Another rumor making the rounds – the Revs have seen Quinnipiac forward Graciano Brito play a lot and they really like him.
  • Still very intrigued by Washington midfielder/defender George John.
  • If the Revs miss Adam Cristman, Michigan State forward Doug DeMartin is very, very similar.
  • Based on the reports from the combine, Yohance Marshall did not play well.  This is one of the dangers of the combine – making flash judgements because Yohance Marshall is a pretty good player.
  • Five players who will be drafted too high: Maryland midfielder Jeremy Hall, Maryland defender Rodney Wallace, UIC midfielder Baggio Husidic, Santa Clara defender, Babajide Ogunbiyi, and Indiana midfielder Brad Ring.
  • Five players who will be drafted too low: Connecticut forward O’Brien White, Maryland midfielder Graham Zusi, Wake Forest midfielder Michael Lahoud, Creighton midfielder Andrei Gotsmanov, Washington midfielder George John.
  • Random players who strike me as Nicol/Mariner types:
    • Quincy Amarikawa, F, California-Davis
    • Calum Angus, D, Saint Louis
    • Rhett Bernstein, D, Brown
    • Joshua Boateng, F, Liberty
    • Rich Costanzo, D/M, Maryland
    • Michael Fucito, F, Harvard
    • Ryan Maduro, M, Providence
    • Brian Shriver, F/M, North Carolina

So, what will the Revs end up accomplishing tomorrow?  I’d be shocked if they sat back and waited for the draft to unfold around them.  The rumors about Christian Gomez and moving way up in the draft tell me that the Revs feel they need to be a mover and a shaker and feel like they have the assets to get something big done.

However, it takes two to tango.  Seattle and Toronto are shopping their picks, but I don’t think the Revs are going to want to give up what it will take to get up that high.  LA wants to pick near the top of the draft.  Dallas already has two first round picks – they don’t need more.  After that, DC United has two first round picks and won’t be looking to help the Revs out.  That brings us to the 8th pick, and at that point, it’s just not worth trading up.

Could the Revs make a deal for a guy like Christian Gomez?  Sure.  But it’s sounding like Dallas is in the lead for his services, which means the Revs would probably have to deal both first round picks, and I’m not sure that’s something they want to do.

So in the end, I think the Revs will try like Hell to make a big move, but will ultimately pick Wake Forest midfielder Michael Lahoud at #10, and in a bit of a surprise, Maryland defender A.J. de la Garza at #15.

Round two will bring UMass goalkeeper Zack Simmons and Duke forward Mike Grella.

I think they’ll pick Quinnipiac forward Graciano Brito in the 3rd or 4th round.

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