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MLS SuperDraft Running Diary

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 15, 2009

I was planning on using this really cool live blog/chat application that I’ve seen used by other web sites, but for some reason, I can’t get it to work with this template. That’ll teach me to wait until the last minute, huh?

So instead, it’s on to the MLS SuperDraft Running Diary.  Do I have to send royalties to Bill Simmons?  Bill, you’re welcome to half of all the money that this post generates for RevsNet.  Just don’t hold your breath waiting for that check.

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9:39 AM: We have our first trade of the day as Steven Goff reports that Real Salt Lake has shipped legbreaker midfielder Dema Kovalenko to Los Angeles.  Admittedly, I’m a bit of a Bruce Arena fanboy (…he’s only the most successful manager in the history of MLS and the USMNT) but I really like what he’s done the last couple of days.  Kovalenko adds a bit of toughness to a midfield that was softer than two-ply toilet paper last year.  They took a nice gamble on Mike Magee yesterday, and I even like the acquisition of Leonard Griffith.

By the way, Goff posted that blog entry at 1:54 AM.

I mean this in the nicest possible way… get a life, Steve.

11:00 AM: Wisdom from the mouth of Mike Burns:

“Seven is a lot of picks,” Burns said.

And this does not make me happy:

One played linked with the Revs is out-of-favor Colorado midfielder Christian Gomez, a former MLS most valuable player. Burns said the team hasn’t had any discussions about Gomez with the Rapids.

1:52 PM: There’s still hope for those of us who are hoping Christian Gomez will be headed to Foxboro this afternoon.  This from Steven Goff:

FC Dallas Coach Schellas Hyndmann says he has been approached about former MVP Christian Gomez, but does not think his club will acquire him.

2:05 PM: Seattle is on the clock.

2:06 PM: An updates from Ives Galarcep:

Actually, I had a high-ranking source confirm for me that the Revs did, in fact, talk about Gomez. It looks like those talks died though, so there will be no Gomez to New England. D.C. fans can relax now.

So, apparently Gomez isn’t going anywhere???

2:06 PM: Seattle selects Steve Zakuani, F, Akron. No surprises.

2:09 PM: Just noticed another update from Ives:

Mo Johnston and Steve Nicol are talking as we speak.

2:12 PM: Toronto selects Sam Cronin, M, Wake Forest. Interesting.  Not sure Cronin really fits.  Selected in order to deal him away?  You’d have to think Omar Gonzalez lands with LA next.

2:14 PM: We’ve had our first “Super Club” reference from Alexi Lalas.  Insert joke here.

2:15 PM: After a few awkward moments watching Don Garber chew his nails, Los Angeles selects Omar Gonzalez, D, Maryland.  Easy choice for the Gals.

2:22 PM: Toronto with the first real surprise of the draft at #4, selects O’Brian White, F, Connecticut.  So, the first one-legged player has been selected.  Just kidding.  Yes, White is Canadian, which is a big deal for a team like TFC.  But he’s also coming off a major knee injury, and when I saw him play last year, I thought he was dogging it a lot.

2:27-ish PM: Dallas with another surprise tabs Pari Marosevic, F, Michigan at #5.

2:30-ish PM: DC United takes Maryland midfielder Rodney Wallace with the first fo their two consecutive picks.  Gotta wonder if they’re eyeing Stefan Frei at #7.

2:33 PM: DC United calls time out.  My guess is that they’re working on a deal.  Someone may want to move up for Frei.

2:37 PM: You take a five minute time out to take Chris Pontius, F, Cal-Santa Barbara?  There were rumors that Chivas USA was calling about Stefan Frei, and I would have listened to them.

2:39 PM: Can’t help but notice that Jeremy Hall is slipping.  Brad Ring, Mike Lahoud, and Kevin Alston still on the board as well.

2:41 PM: Kansas City select Matt Besler, D, Notre Dame.  Good – don’t really think his game will translate to MLS, and I didn’t want him for the Revs.

2:43 PM: Chivas USA on the clock, and I have to think Frei looks like the pick here.

2:47 PM: Chivas USA takes Michael Lahoud, F, Wake Forest.  Dang.  One of my favorites in this draft.

2:47 PM: So, I can’t help but notice that Stefan Frei is still on the board, and the Revs could conceivably use a backup goalkeeper.  Hmmm…

2:50 PM: Lalas: “I think Twellman’s gone.”  Huh?  That’s the second time you’ve said that in the last four months, Alexi.  Care to elaborate?  Do you know something and you’re just holding back?  Or are you just being irresponsible?

2:50 PM: New England selects Kevin Alston, D, Indiana.  Nice pick.  Kid’s a good player and he’ll push Chris Albright.  And not only that, but the kid has the best hair in the draft (right).

2:55-ish PM: New York selects Jeremy Hall, M, Maryland.  Dang.  If he had slid to #15, I’d have been pretty happy.

2:59 PM: Real Salt Lake goes WAY off the board by selecting Jean Alexandre, M, Lynn University.

3:00 PM: You know what’s not a good sign?  When the end of the first round of your draft is preempted for a repeat of Mike & Mike in the Morning.

3:02 PM: …or maybe not.

3:04 PM: Toronto steals Stefan Frei, GK, California near the end of the first round.  Then again, as I pointed out in a previous entry, my friend on the West Coast is convinced Frei will be a huge flop.

3:08 PM: Dallas took forever, but finally picked George John, M, Washington.  Another good pick, and someone I was hoping the Revs would take a look at with #15.  Revs are back on the clock.

3:11 PM: Surprised there haven’t been more trades.  Maybe teams are selecting for other teams and they’ll work the details out later?

3:12 PM: Taylor Twellman being interviewed at the moment.  Unfortuantely, I can’t hear a thing he’s saying because I’ve got the sound muted since I’m on a Conference Call for my real job.  Ugh.

Edit: Allegedly, Twellman tells Allen Hopkins that he’ll be playing in New England this year.  Good news.  Eat it, Lalas.

3:14 PM: Revs go WAY off the board and select Ryan Maxwell, a midfielder/forward hybrid from Tampa.  Not the city, the University of Tampa.  My initial reaction is that it’s a bit of a dubious pick.  Ives Galarcep describes him thusly:

For those of you who missed the reports, Maxwell is a Dane Richards starter kit. A Jamaican right winger, Maxwell has blazing speed and looked good at the Combine.

Buzz says:

Crazy fast wide mid, arguably the fastest player at the combine. With or without the ball he beat players to get results. Doesn’t have a clue about how to play defense. Jamaican U20 18 goals and 23 assists in college.

Crazy fast is good.  Doesn’t have a clue about how to play defense is not.

3:19 PM: See 3:00 PM comment.

3:27 PM: Seattle kicks off Round 2 with Evan Brown, D, Wake Forest.  San Jose follows up by taking Indiana M Brad Ring.  Nice pick for the Quakes.

3:29 PM: Dear God, please tell me Ryan Maxwell is not 25 years old.

3:41 PM: After taking a time out, New York takes Babajide Ogunbiyi, D, Santa Clara.  Anyone think Rob Stone and company were praying he wasn’t taken in the first round?

3:45 PM: Looks like Bruce Arena is determined to fix the Galaxy defense.  He just took AJ DeLaGarza in the second round.  Again, like what the Gals have done the last few days.

3:47 PM: We have our first trade… get ready… Chicago and Colorado swap picks in the second round.  The Fire are now on the clock.  We waited all day for THAT!?!?!?!!!  Fire drafts local product Baggio Husidic.  Good pick for Chicago. *cough*overrated*cough*

3:52 PM: Second goalkeeper off the board is Loyola (MD) import Milos Kocic.  A little surprising.

3:55 PM: Names that might be in play when the Revs make back-to-back selections in the next 10 minutes or so: Yohance Marshall, Zack Simmons, Jordan Seabrook, Graham Zusi, Graciano Brito, Calum Angus.

3:58 PM: Scratch Zusi off that list, but the Revs are on the clock.

4:01 PM: New England selects Andrei Gotsmanov, M, Creighton.  If the name sounds familiar to local soccer fans, it’s because his older brother Sasha scored a lot of goals for URI a few years back.  Actually showed up at a Revs practice and told me he was going to be traded to New England.  Obviously, that wasn’t true.

4:05 PM: While we wait for the 2nd pick, a quick scouting report on Gotsmanov: Decent size, pretty good skill, not overly athletic.  He’s got some Pat Noonan in him.

4:07 PM: New England selects Denaldin Hamzagic, M, Saint Louis.  Little known fact… Hamzagic is Bosnian for Leandro de Oliveira.

4:16 PM: I’m still a little stunned about the Hamzagic pick.

4:28 PM: Nice to come back to the keyboard and see BC defender Paul Gerstenberger selected by Columbus.  Nice kid and a pretty good player.

4:41 PM: What’s up with no coverage past the first round of the draft?  Is it me, or does that seem like a pretty significant step in the wrong direction?  You couldn’t find two MLS broadcasters to do live audio?  Lame.

4:44 PM: Seattle selects NAIA defender Jared Karkas from Azusa Pacific to start the 3rd round.  Karkas immediately becomes the 2nd-most famous Azusa Pacific graduate behind only Christian Okoye.

4:47 PM: Mike Grella goes to Toronto with pick #34, thereby ensuring he’ll sign in Europe.

4:55 PM: Revs back on the clock after Colorado takes the 3rd goalkeeper of the day, Steward Ceus from the University of Albany.

5:00 PM: Revs select UNC-Charlotte forward Chris Salvaggione.  And they’re back on the clock after Toronto takes… Jeremy Hall?  Somehow, I’m guessing MLSNet may have that wrong.

5:02 PM: Revs come back at pick #40 and take Duke defender Darrius Barnes.  Nice pick, but I’m a little surprised they haven’t taken a goalkeeper.

5:07 PM: Galarcep calls the selection of Darrius Barnes “the steal of the draft”.  Not sure I agree with that.

5:10 PM: Nice to see Daniel Cruz finally selected by Houston near the end of the 3rd round.  What a disappointment that’s gotta be.

5:40-ish PM: Sorry about the delay.  Your author had to change a diaper for the Breakers’ 1st round pick in 2030.

5:41 PM: A few good collegiate players last until Round Four: Harvard’s Mike Fucito, Saint Louis midfielder Kyle Patterson, and USF’s Jordan Seabrook are a couple of my favorites.

5:43 PM: Wonder if the Revs roll the dice on Marcus Tracy here.

5:45 PM: Nope.  Insted it’s Tulsa goalkeeper Tyrel Lacey.

5:46 PM: Houston jumps all over Marcus Tracy one pick later.  Ugh.  I’d have rolled the dice.

5:51 PM: Real Salt Lake selects Futhi Bhembi.  I have nothing more to add, I just like saying Futhi Bhembi.

5:58 PM: ..and the 2009 MLS SuperDraft Mr. Irrelevant is Chris Clements, D, Tulsa


21 Responses to “MLS SuperDraft Running Diary”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    Could be a negotiation ploy re: Burnsie not talking to the Rapids. Have the Revs ever been known to be straightforward on player movement? (see: every player move in the last seven years)

  2. Joe said

    I think it would be best for everyone if you stopped doing this website. If people wanted negativity, they can go to BigSoccer. If they wanted original ideas or breaking news, there are many other websites out there that do it better.

  3. Joe said

    and if people wanted more Revs-bashing, they could go to the BigSoccer boards of other MLS teams.

  4. Mike Flanagan said


    No, that’s OK, I like it here. Mike’s pretty on point with his college prospect info. Besides, are you kidding me – what other site is doing a Revs-specific draft blog?

  5. Mike Marshall said

    You’re certainly welcome to your opinion, Joe. Fortunately for you and those Revs fans who aren’t a big fan of the site, I haven’t yet figured out how to force people to read the stuff I post.

  6. Tony B said

    ESPN hates soccer.

  7. Mike Flanagan said

    ESPN hates sports, loves itself.

  8. Mike Flanagan said


    ESPN: the network for people who don’t like sports.

  9. DGags said

    According to Soccer by Ives, Alston was the best back available. Sounds like a great pick, essentially replacing Parkhurst.

  10. Mike Flanagan said


    But I thought Badilla was Parky’s successor?

  11. Tony B said

    Wait… wasn’t Ryan Maxwell the Revs equipment manager?

  12. DGags said

    Takes two to replace him. I also love that Lalas thinks it’s in the Revs best interests to trade Twellman. If Lalas thinks it’s a good idea, lets not trade Twellman.

  13. Mike Flanagan said

    @ Tony B

    I thought that was Bruninho, back in 2006….

    Oh wait…my b….

    That was before my time 😉

  14. Mike Marshall said

    Ives thought Alston was the best RIGHT back available. He’s not a suitable replacement for Parkhurst. Great hair, though.

  15. Mike Flanagan said

    Wasn’t Kheli Dube 25 when they drafted him?

  16. Tony B said

    Mike F, nice find… the good old days. How did RevsNet stuff end up on fortunecity, I wonder? Is that like the Way Back Machine?

  17. Phil said

    I’m loving the humor… makes the draft all that more entertaining…. especially when almost NO interesting trades are being made!

  18. Mike Flanagan said

    I’m officially calling Denaldin Hamzagic…”Denaldinho”

  19. Mike Marshall said

    Dube was actually 24 when the Revs drafted him, but he wasn’t playing Division II soccer, either.

  20. Phil said

    Daniel Cruz is the steal of the draft. For Houston, with their PUBLIC salary problems to have taken their first pick in the 3rd round who WILL NOT count against the cap….. Well done, you bastards.

  21. Mike Flanagan said

    Luckily for Cruz, this wasn’t the NFL draft, where he would’ve had to put on his Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers face while club after club passed him up.

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