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I Love Matt Reis

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 23, 2009

Yet another reason why we all dream of a team of Matt Reis:

K.C.: Why do you believe you have fallen at the final hurdle so many times in the playoffs?

M.R.: I think we were always just one extra player away from winning it all. The more good players you have, the more chances you have to rest players throughout the season, but we never really had that. I believe if we had an extra attacking midfielder or forward I believe we could have won it all.

The Inside Scoop with New England’s Matt Reis

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K.C.: We have already talked about the departure of Michael Parkhurst and with the likes of Twellman and Ralston getting older. Are we seeing the end of an era at New England?

M.R.: I think it can be the beginning of a new era. We have lost seven or eight players over the last few years without really adding anybody. It has helped that a lot of young guys are stepping up and that will have to be the case in the future. We have a lot of draft picks and it will be important for those new faces to mesh quickly with the old guys if we are to be successful. As far as the team that lost in three finals, I believe that is dead because the majority of the players have gone.

So, if you’re keeping track, that’s two star players this offseason who have now openly questioned the team’s lack of positive personnel additions.  Shalrie Joseph recently said on his website that he wouldn’t blame Revs fans if they didn’t show up next year given the departure of players like Michael Parkhurst and Khano Smith.

This is a problem.  As an organization, you can not have your star players openly questioning the front office.  Not only does it reinforce all of those nagging doubts among the fan base, but it’s not good for the morale of the team.  I’m guessing that Reis and Joseph aren’t the only two players who aren’t happy with the direction of the franchise.

This is something worth keeping an eye on.


One Response to “I Love Matt Reis”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    So long as the club remains hundreds of thousands under the cap, and one player short of becoming a great team, Revs Nation can kiss another chance at winning an MLS Cup goodbye.

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