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Revs Links: February 19th, 2009

Posted by Mike Marshall on February 19, 2009

Just trying to catch up…

Anyone who hasn’t checked out RevsTV from the team’s official web site is really missing out.  Be sure to check out the latest installment in which Steve Nicol returns from a scouting trip in Ecuador, only to find his cleats suspended in green Jello.  Matt Reis remains the primary suspect.

Frank Dell’Apa checks in with a preseason look at the Revs in a story that includes one of the most obvious headlines I can ever remember.  Not to be outdone, “Douchebag for Life” John Harkes includes his brief take in which he manages to say absolutely nothing:

“Stevie Nicol always seems to be the magician that pulls something out of the hat. He never seems to be worried. He’s lost plenty of star players over the years, but he’s always able to bring in new players, younger players, that can somehow go under the radar. With Michael Parkhurst departing, someone that’s been completely solid for him every single season on a consistent basis, he’s got to replace that. He’s hoping to get Stevie Ralston and Taylor Twellman back from injuries that ended their respective seasons last fall. With Khano Smith gone, they lose some of that wing play, but it’s going to be down to Ralston and Twellman. Ralston’s already been a leader, but now it’s time for Twellman to step up and not just be a goal scorer, but be a man that can take this team by the scruff of the neck and pull them through a season.”

Apparently, Harkesie was comatose for the entire 2005 season.

In an story, Kyle McCarthy checks in with Argenis Fernandez, who would like to play more than 61 minutes this year.  I’m not getting my hopes up, and it sounds like neither is Nicol:

“Obviously, he has to have improved since we let him go last year,” Nicol said. “That’s why we let him go — because he wasn’t going to play. Now we’re going to see what he’s all about.”

And finally, congratulations to old friend Andy Dorman, who’s about to have another year picked up on his contract with St. Mirren.

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