From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Shep Messing is Not a Fan

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 6, 2009

heaps-disappointmentMLS analyst Shep Messing predicts the Revolution to be the Biggest Disappointment in the Eastern Conference in 2009.  You can go to MLSnet for all of the gory details.

I’ll provide the transcript now, and hopefully the video will be posted at a later date…

Greg Lalas: So, we move on.  The Biggest Disappointment in 2009.

Shep Messing: I’m flip-flopping between two teams, but I’m going to say New England.  I just think… no criticism… I just think Stevie Nicol – one of the best coaches in the league…

GL: No criticism?  It is criticism!

SM: Well, it’s criticism about the players.  I don’t think they’ve revamped enough.  I don’t think they’ve ever replaced Clint Dempsey.  I think Taylor Twellman… Ralston getting a little bit older.  And I think they’re really gonna miss Parkhurst… I think they’re really in for a downward slide.

GL: They might be fighting for the playoffs this year.

I personally vehemently disagree with this assessment.  You have to have high expectations in order to be a big disappointment, and I think that ship has already sailed for most Revolution fans.


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