From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Twellman Will Live!!!

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 8, 2009

Kyle McCarthy finally solves the mystery of what the Hell is wrong with Taylor Twellman.  Of course, he may be forced to go into hiding after uncovering Top Secret information that may put the entire Revolution franchise in jeopardy.  It’s a small price to pay.

What happened…

One awkward move on an exercise ball stopped all of that progress in its tracks.

“I was doing an exercise and something triggered in my neck,” Twellman said.

What’s wrong…

Twellman went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out the problem. This week finally brought a breakthrough. The problem wasn’t the concussion Twellman suffered, but the impact of the punch on his neck. One of the vertebrae at the base of his skull was knocked out of alignment in the collision, Twellman said.

When he’ll be back…

When exactly Twellman will return remains uncertain. Doctors said last week that he could be back in 2-to-4 weeks, but Twellman said he doesn’t know exactly how long it will take to strengthen those neck muscles and get ready for match action.

Why we had to wait a minimum of a week to get this information is beyond me.  The Revs have a blog, this is something that should have been posted to it.


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