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Projecting the Final Roster

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 14, 2009

With the season opener now a week away, (…can you believe it?) let’s take a brief look at all of the players on the Revolution roster and see where they stand.

Chris Albright, D – A lock to start on Opening Night… if he weren’t suspended for a red card tackle of Cuahtemoc Blanco last year.  Totally worth it.

Kevin Alston, D – Generation Adidas status makes him a lock to make the team.  However, we’re hearing that Alston has had a tremendous camp, impressed the staff, and could very well find himself in the starting lineup against San Jose.

Gabriel Badilla, D – Followed up a poor 2008 campaign by showing up out of shape and with an iffy back.  I still think he makes the team simply because the Revs put so much effort into signing him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their patience is running out.

Darrius Barnes, D – The biggest surprise in camp?  Should make the team, and if reinforcements don’t arrive quickly, he could conceivably start the opener in the center of defense alongside Jay Heaps.

Mauricio Castro, M – Another International player who may be on thin ice.  I think he makes the team, but he’s someone else who may not be around long if Kenny Mansally or the somewhat rejuvinated Wells Thompson show they can handle the job for 1/4th the price tag.

Kheli Dube, F – Seeing as how he’s the only healthy forward on the roster, he’ll make the team, and he’ll probably start against San Jose.

Argenis Fernandez, F – Still can’t handle the MLS game.  Only way he makes the team is if there’s a delay in signing the two African players.

Dado Hamzagic, M – Not officially released, but it’s never a good sign when the team sends you home.

Jay Heaps, D -A fixture in defense.

Amaechi Igwe, D – Another Generation Adidas player, so he’ll make the roster.  I’ve heard he’s had a good camp, but has still fallen behind Kevin Alston on the depth chart.

Shalrie Joseph, M – Midfield badass.

Brad Knighton, GK – Matt Reis’ backup… probably.

Jeff Larentowicz, M – Probably still a starter in midfield, but not quite 100% recovered from his injury.

Ryan Maxwell, M – Hasn’t done much to show he belongs.  At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Revs passed on signing him to see if he can hook on with an A-League team for a year and see where he is next winter.

Kenny Mansally, M – We’re hearing Kenny’s had a very strong camp and could very well find himself in the starting lineup against San Jose, even if Twellman is ready to go.

Sainey Nyassi, M – Making the team isn’t an issue, but the youngster hasn’t really made himself stand out, either.

Pat Phelan, M/D – Hanging on to a roster spot by a thread.

Steve Ralston, M – Been bothered by a nagging quad injury, but should be ready to go against the Quakes.

Matt Reis, GK – Has his own nagging injuries, but still a goalkeeping badass.

Chris Salvaggione, M – See Dado Hamzagic.

Zack Simmons, GK – Hearing he’s pushing Brad Knighton for the #2 goalkeeper job.

Wells Thompson, M – Had a bit of an up and down camp.  Has probably done enough to hang on to a roster spot.

Chris Tierney, M/D – Solid and dependable.

Taylor Twellman, F – Encouraging that he’s joined his teammates in North Carolina, but likely won’t be ready for Opening Night.  The home opener is a realistic goal, however.

Rob Valentino, D – Has a guaranteed Generation Adidas contract, but he has been passed by Darrius Barnes at this point.  Likely wouldn’t make the team if he wasn’t a Generation Adidas player.

Michael Videira, M – Seems poised to take over the role that Andy Dorman used to play for the Revs.

So, with those updates in mind, here’s what we think the Roster will look like for Opening Night:

Senior Roster (20 of 20)
1.  Chris Albright
2.  Gabriel Badilla (International #1)
3.  Darrius Barnes
4.  Mauricio Castro (International #2)
5.  Kheli Dube (International #3)
6.  Jay Heaps
7.  Shalrie Joseph
8.  Brad Knighton
9.  Jeff Larentowicz
10.  Kenny Mansally (International #4)
11.  Sainey Nyassi (International #5)
12.  Pat Phelan (acquired in exchange for an International Roster Spot)
13.  Steve Ralston
14.  Matt Reis
15.  Wells Thompson
16.  Chris Tierney
17.  Taylor Twellman
18.  Michael Videira
19.  Unknown African Defender (International #6)
20.  Unknown African Forward (International  #7)

Developmental Roster (4 of 4)
1.  Kevin Alston
2.  Amaechi Igwe
3.  Zack Simmons
4.  Rob Valentino


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