From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Gameday: Revs @ San Jose

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 21, 2009

You know what today is?


I’m sure we’ll all have plenty of time later to worry about Twellman’s neck, Badilla’s back, the holes in the roster, etc.  But for now, I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s not even 7:30 in the morning… my wife is still in bed, I’m supposed to be watching my 14-month old daughter… and I can’t even focus on her.  I’m a bad father, and I don’t even really care right now.

For now, we’ll just throw out a couple of links.  Better stuff planned for later today.

Revolution look to shake Earthquakes – Kyle McCarthy, Boston Herald
Revolution open with injuries, new faces – Monique Walker, Boston Globe
Yallop still wary of shorthanded Revs – Jeff Carlisle,

Looks like a very young lineup tonight.  Also interesting to me that it looks like Chris Tierney will get the start over Amaechi Igwe.  The more I think about that, the more I understand it.  The Revs are likely going to have problems scoring, and can’t afford one of Igwe’s brain cramps that popped up periodically last year.

I also agree with Carlisle that Huckerby and Arturo Alvarez against Kevin Alston and Chris Tierney could be a big, big problem for the Revs.


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