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Posted by tonybiscaia on April 27, 2009


By Walter Silva

Foi a primeira derrota da temporada para o Revolution, e logo com uma goleada estoirica, e até podia ter sido mais, e só foi preçiso 45 minutos, é que ao intervalo o resultado era de 0-0.

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Of Passengers, Stadiums and Goalkeepers, plus an Interview with Gwynne Williams

Posted by tonybiscaia on April 25, 2009


Back in the day, actually around 1965, when Paul Mariner and Stevie Nicol were wee lads kicking banged up footballs against brick walls in Bolton and Troon back alleys, the English league began to permit the use of substitutes. Prior to that an injured player was either carried off or simply carried on, usually by getting out of the way and gimping gamely up and down one wing or another insofar as their wounds permitted.

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Are We Arsenal In Disguise? Plus an Interview With Kevin Alston

Posted by tonybiscaia on April 8, 2009


Saturday’s exertions against the hapless Dallas back five gave the circumstantially youthful Revolution a third straight weekend with points taken but only after the introduction of perhaps the best true footballer to ever don Kraft, Inc. colors, Steve Ralston, who introduced guile, order and skill to a match that previously featured bluster, energy and a complete lack of tactical nous.

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Revs 2, FC Dallas 1

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 4, 2009

Keep this game in mind when a referee screws the Revs on a call later this year.  There’s simply no way George John should have been whistled for tugging on Kheli Dube’s sleeve in that circumstance.

One of the weakest penalty calls I’ve ever seen.  The Revs did some good things in this game, but they did not deserve three points.

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Foreigner Thoughts

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 1, 2009

With apologies to Lou Gramm and the crew…

With the recent signings of Stephane Ombiogno and Emmanuel Osei, it Feels like the First Time in recent memory that the Revs actually have a full roster.  In fact, they have more than a full roster – with the team having 23 players signed, and two pending additions in Ombiogno and Osei.

That means someone has to go.  The easy choice is Costa Rican forward Argenis Fernandez, the diminutive youngster who seemingly has taken up permanent residence in Chateau Bow Wow, which is a Long Long Way from Home.  At this point, Steve Nicol and Paul Mariner may start plucking people out of The Fort to play before Fernandez sees the field again.

That said, if the Revs wanted to play Head Games there is another possibility – Gabriel Badilla.

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Vote for Taylor

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 1, 2009

First things first – apologies for not keeping things up to date recently.  I started a new job, and the hours have changed… blah, blah, blah… I’ll try harder to not go weeks at a time without posting.

First post “back” is a layup.  Fox25 is holding an internet poll to find the first “Boston’s Sports Money Man“.

With the money on the line, who is the one athlete you would trust to be at bat in a key moment, strike a guy out, score a goal, score a touchdown, make the save, or make the final shot. If your job depended on one current Boston sports athlete making this play in the clutch then who would you want in that moment? Who is Boston’s Sports Money Man?

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