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Foreigner Thoughts

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 1, 2009

With apologies to Lou Gramm and the crew…

With the recent signings of Stephane Ombiogno and Emmanuel Osei, it Feels like the First Time in recent memory that the Revs actually have a full roster.  In fact, they have more than a full roster – with the team having 23 players signed, and two pending additions in Ombiogno and Osei.

That means someone has to go.  The easy choice is Costa Rican forward Argenis Fernandez, the diminutive youngster who seemingly has taken up permanent residence in Chateau Bow Wow, which is a Long Long Way from Home.  At this point, Steve Nicol and Paul Mariner may start plucking people out of The Fort to play before Fernandez sees the field again.

That said, if the Revs wanted to play Head Games there is another possibility – Gabriel Badilla.

The Hot Blooded Costa Rican defender underwhelmed during his brief audition last fall, and then reportedly showed up to training camp out of shape and hurt.  With Osei joining the team, Darrius Barnes showing that he can handled the job in the middle of defense, and Jay Heaps proving to be pretty steady thus far, could the Revs decide that Badilla and his hefty salary are suplus to reqirements?  Hmmm…

Just as Badilla was the kind of player the Revs should be signing, the same could be said of Osei, the veteran midfielder/defender who has spent time in Germany, Italy, and Romania.  Good age and a fairly decent resume.  Since that’s all we have to go on at this point, I think it’s fair to be cautiously optimistic.

Less clear was the signing of Ombiogno.  Finding a reliable 2nd forward to partner with Taylor Twellman should have been an Urgent need for the Revs.  (No word on whether Twellman is still experiencing Double Vision.) The fact that they’ve chosen to go with another young, unproven forward without much professional experience is a little disconcerting.  He’s a 19 year-old kid from Africa… how is he going to react in November in the playoffs at Gillette when it’s Cold as Ice?

OK, I’ll stop…

3 Responses to “Foreigner Thoughts”

  1. Denis said

    Hopefully these new players “Can’t Wait” to suit up and join the club in it’s “Reaction to Action.” They’ll say, “I’ll Fight for You” and get “Lowdown and Dirty” for New England. They’ll fight “Tooth and Nail” to prove it’s not “Too Late” to win the cup. Yes, the “Night Life” during Saturdays this summer looks pretty good!

  2. Mike Marshall said

    Well done, Denis!

  3. mike said

    bye bye Badilla

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