From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Vote for Taylor

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 1, 2009

First things first – apologies for not keeping things up to date recently.  I started a new job, and the hours have changed… blah, blah, blah… I’ll try harder to not go weeks at a time without posting.

First post “back” is a layup.  Fox25 is holding an internet poll to find the first “Boston’s Sports Money Man“.

With the money on the line, who is the one athlete you would trust to be at bat in a key moment, strike a guy out, score a goal, score a touchdown, make the save, or make the final shot. If your job depended on one current Boston sports athlete making this play in the clutch then who would you want in that moment? Who is Boston’s Sports Money Man?

So, from an original field of 16, they’re down to the Final 4… and one of the nominees is our own Taylor Twellman.

I realize that people’s initial reaction is to vote for Tom Brady or David Ortiz.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a strong case for Taylor…

  • He’s scored in his last seven playoff appearances.
  • He scored in the penalty shootouts against Houston in the ’07 MLS Cup and in SuperLiga last summer.
  • He scored in the Finals of the U.S. Open Cup in ’07.
  • He’s scored a ridiculous amount of game-tying or game-winning goals.

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