From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Revs 2, FC Dallas 1

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 4, 2009

Keep this game in mind when a referee screws the Revs on a call later this year.  There’s simply no way George John should have been whistled for tugging on Kheli Dube’s sleeve in that circumstance.

One of the weakest penalty calls I’ve ever seen.  The Revs did some good things in this game, but they did not deserve three points.

    Other thoughts:

    * First tough game for Darrius Barnes, who failed to get goalside of Kenny Cooper on the FC Dallas goal.

    * I already miss Kevin Alston.

    * After two games, I feel more comfortable with Brad Knighton then I ever did with Doug Warren.

    * Anyone think Kheli Dube and Kenny Mansally will be practicing two-on-ones this week in practice?

    * Speaking of Kheli Dube, he was absolutely brutal last night.

    * I’ll be forever disappointed in the internet if Brad and Greg’s interview of Steve Nicol during the first half doesn’t end up on YouTube.

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