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Too Late To Try Triage or Transfusion? A Template For A Grocery List For The 2009 Season

Posted by tonybiscaia on May 27, 2009

Plus an Interview With Chris Tierney


As a result of years of staying in less than first class motels from Texarkana to Tucumcari I know the signs of a shoddy carpet better than most. They generally take the form of a nauseatingly ersatz grassy green matted surface, sticky in parts, slippery when wet and covered with moldering markings of past indiscretions. Sound familiar?

This is precisely what was has been on offer when the Revolution have taken the field for three of the past four matches, two at home at Gillette Stadium and one on the road in Toronto and while the most recent kafuffle, a 3-1 loss that could easily have gone the other way, the fact remains artificial turf is awful under any conditions; fog, rain or even a bright, brisk spring day north of the border, it doesn’t matter, proper football should be played on proper grass.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on May 25, 2009

By Walter Silva

TFC 3 - Revs 1,  Photo by Walter Silva

TFC 3 - Revs 1, Photo by Walter Silva

Assim até dá prazer em jogar, foi uma festa antes do jogo, durante o jogo, e depois do jogo, um estádio cheio, com um colorido de fazer inveja a muita equipas, com os adeptos a puxar pela sua equipa constatemente.

Com mais de 20,000 espectadores, o Toronto FC tem sem dúvida nenhuma os melhores adeptos deste campeonato do MLS, é sempre uma festa em todos os jogos disputados em casa.

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Could the Union Give Mariner his Shot?

Posted by Mike Marshall on May 19, 2009

Ives Galarcep has an interesting piece on his site discussing possible Head Coaching candidates for the newly christened Philadelphia Union. (gag)  Chief among the candidates is perennial Head Coaching bridesmaid Paul Mariner.

An informal poll of Union supporters puts Mariner in the lead ahead of candidates such as Colin Clarke and Piotr Nowak.

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Noonan Available?

Posted by Mike Marshall on May 19, 2009

From Columbus Dispatch writer Shawn Mitchell:

Is Pat Noonan’s $175,000 salary coupled with his reserve role doing the Crew any good? Could he be of more service to another team? Could the Crew, with little wiggle room under the salary cap, put that money to better use?

Personally, I’d pass.  But I could see the Revs expressing some interest.

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Time for Revs to End the Nicol Era

Posted by Mike Marshall on May 18, 2009

By: Mike Marshall

Watching the Revolution hold on to a 1-1 draw for dear life  at home against the Colorado Rapids, you got the sense that you were witness to a Dead Team Walking.  Sure, the Revs still have a host of players making daily trips to the trainer’s room, but with all due respect to the job that Gary Smith and Paul Bravo are doing, they weren’t exactly facing Manchester United.

As the MLS season hits the quarter pole, New England finds itself struggling to stay in the pack.  Far more concerning then the team’s 2-2-4 record is how they’ve looked.  Eight games down, and the Revs have probably been outplayed in six or seven of them.  They’ve been outshot 136-57.  They’re last or next to last in the league in goals, assists, shots, shots on goal, shots allowed, fouls committed, and corner kicks.  All of which suggests that to this point, New England hasn’t don’t much of anything well, with the possible exception of keeping the team’s goals against fairly respectable.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on May 17, 2009

By Walter Silva

Foi um resultado que agradou ás duas equipas, mas tambem não mereçiam mais, é que nenhuma das duas equipas merecia os trez pontos em disputa.

Um ponto para cada uma já foi bom, porque o futebol praticado não foi do melhor que temos visto, embora as duas equipas se tenham entragado ao jogo com muito empenho.
Revs - Rapids  Photo by Walter Silva

Mas só isto não basta, terão de jogar muito melhor, porque jã vi estas duas equipas fazeram muito melhor do que fizeram neste jogo disputado no passado sabado á noite.

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With The Replacements Being Raw, Will The Wounds Get Worse Before They Heal? Plus An Interview with Darius Barnes.

Posted by tonybiscaia on May 14, 2009


By Jim DOW

At the end of what was a disappointing 2008 season Soccer America ranked nine of the eleven Revolution regulars in the top half of the league’s players or higher at their respective positions. After well over 20% of the 2009 campaign could one truthfully evaluate any of the New England starting eleven at anything but the bottom third of the league table, exactly where the current edition of the local MLS club is to be found.

As Bill Parcells said, “you are what you are,’ and his wisdom on that statement permeates the Foxborough Morgue like Jimmy Hoffa ghost rattles about Giants Stadium.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on May 10, 2009

By Walter Silva

Foi um resultado muito melhor do que a exibição, mas a equipa do Revolution já esteve muito melhor do que os últimos dois jogos.

Com algumas alterações no onze iniçial, e mesmo algumas mudanças de posição de alguns jogadores deu os seus frutos, no meio campo a saida de um medio mais ofensivo, como e Michael Videira, e a entrada de Pat Phelan, um médio mais defensivo. Com Joseph a apareçer como segundo ponta de lança, e a equipa passou a jogar num 4x4x2, passou a ter mais consistençia defensiva no meio campo.

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Sem Ataque, Nem Defesa

Posted by tonybiscaia on May 5, 2009

By Walter Silva

p5033493Foi mau demais para ser verdade, ganhou quem marcou, mas futebol não houve, depois da pesada goleada da semana passada, esperava-se mais desta equipa do Revolution, ainda por mais a jogar em casa tinha obrigação de fazer melhor.

Se no último encontro as coisas não correram de feição aos comandados de Steve Nicol este fim de semana não foi nada melhor, nova derrota, desta feita frente a uma equipa que só tinha vençido por uma vez.
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