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Posted by tonybiscaia on June 29, 2009

By Walter Silva

Com esta vitória sobre o Atlas do Mexico, o Revolution assegurou o primeiro lugar do grupo B, com 7 pontos, de duas vitórias e um empate.

Com um golo solitário do africano Kenny Manssaly, o Revolution mais uma vez levou de vencida uma equipa do pais vizinho e já está nas meias finais do torneio Super Liga, em que o vençedor vai reçeber o bonita quantia de 1 milhão de dolares.

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A VIEW FROM THE FORT: Growing Pains; Would It Be Best To Bite The Bullet And Make Do With What We’ve Got? Plus An Interview With Matt Reis.

Posted by tonybiscaia on June 23, 2009

By Jim Dow

What a difference a day makes, particularly if it is 1.) The first day of summer, 2.) Father’s Day, 3.) An unlikely second round Confederations Cup qualification for the U.S. Nats and, best of all, 4.) A full scale, come from behind thumping of the louts from the lake by what amounted to, in the end, the Baby Revs.

Up to Sunday morning it was time to bury the US National Team, or at least not to praise them; against Italy they showed early promise but finished stupid and slow, against Brazil, they just sucked. Full marks to Harkes and Lalas for going ballistic, their generation was nowhere near as talented, nor as rich, but they gave it all they had and then some.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on June 22, 2009

By Walter Silva

Começou da melhor maneira a defesa do titúlo da Super Liga esta equipa do NE Revolution, e quanto a nós fez sem dúvida talvez a melhor exibição desta temporada, não só pelo o resultado, mas porque soube trocar bem a bola, e marcou exçelentes golos.

Foi uma equipa que nos supreendeu por completo, e ainda por çima sem o seu melhor jogador, Shalrie Joseph ficou de fora devido a lesão, ouve altura que se pensou que o Revolution não ia aguentar a pedalada, mas foi engano nosso.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on June 14, 2009

By Walter Silva

Foi isto mesmo, a expulsão ditou o resultado, Emmanuel Osei foi expulso aos 31 minutos de jogo, bem expulso diga-se de passagem, verdade que Claudio Lopez cometeu falta e o árbitro assinalou a respectiva falta, não havia neçessidade nenhuma de Emmanuel Osei pontapear o adversário.

Ė que até então o jogo estava equilibrado, mas a partir da altura que os visitantes passaram a jogar com 10 a coisa tornou-se bastante difiçil para o Revolution.

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A View from The Fort: If We Aren’t Arsenal in Disguise, Can We Aspire to Be Burnley?

Posted by Mike Marshall on June 11, 2009

Plus an Inteview with Pat Phelan

By: Jim Dow

Heading into the Super Liga break, a contradiction in terms since the games have proven to be pitched battles, a number of things have been clarified for the New England Revolution. To begin with, if Taylor Twellman isn’t a bargain basement but brittle version of a Designated Player, then who is? Remember, both Luciano Emilio and Guillermo Barros Schellotto earned promotion to that exalted rank held by the likes of Angel, Becks and Blanco after stellar 2008 seasons and no one has been more instrumental in hauling Stevie Nicol’s charges out of their first third torpor and making it possible for the fans to begin to think of a post-season. Of course recent rumors have it that TnT’s recent recovery and return may be sporadic at best, possibly short-lived, maybe even a chimera, thus making the acquisition of a supporting, or even replacement striker absolutely necessary.

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Ex-Revs Watch: Semedo, Torres, Zenga

Posted by Mike Marshall on June 10, 2009

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often thought to yourself, “Self, what ever happened to former Revolution midfielder Carlos Semedo?  Where is he playing these days?”  Now, we know…

He’s playing for a club called Emigrantes Das Ilhas of the New England Luso American Soccer League.


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Odds and Ends: June 10th

Posted by Mike Marshall on June 10, 2009

You know what really eats into your free time?  A 17-month old baby girl.  You know what eats into your free time more than a 17-month old baby girl?  A 17-month old baby girl and a wife who’s eight months pregnant.  I’m exhausted.

But on the Revs front…

  • The last two games?  Better.  But then again, it was tough to get much worse.  As expected, Taylor Twellman makes a difference.  Always thought he would.  He’s only the greatest goal-scorer in the history of the league.  I still don’t get the sense that the Revs are a serious title contender, but Twellman certainly makes them a playoff team.
  • Who are you, and what have you done with Kenny Mansally?  After a year and a half of pretty pedestrian play at forward, the kid’s been sensational the last couple of weeks on the left side of midfield.  Please, Stevie – keep him there.  Superglue Mauricio Castro’s ass to the bench, if you have to.
  • Speaking of Castro, does anyone see the need for either he or Gabriel Badilla any more?  Couldn’t the Revs find more useful players with the kind of cash they’re making
  • Idle speculation: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the return of Khano Smith in the next couple of weeks.
  • I think the Revs have something in Emmanuel Osei.
  • You know what’s ironic?  DC United fans think Taylor Twellman is a diver.  Of course, this opinion has only a fleeting touch with reality.  Then again, after watching the likes of Marco Etcheverry, Jaime Moreno, and Christian Gomez, the Whining Eagles could probably be considered experts in the art of simulation.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on June 8, 2009

Heaps 300
By Walter Silva

Muito golos , mas o futebol jogado não foi tão bom como o resultado indica, no lado da equipa da casa já esteve muito melhor do que as ultimas duas partidas.

Tudo indica que com estas duas vitórias as coisa começam e ficar melhor, e com alguns jogadores que esteveram sem jogar algum tempo, como é o caso de Taylor Twellman, a equipa já está a ficar mais composta.

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Stingrays Prevail Over Knights

Posted by tonybiscaia on June 7, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Displaying a spirited attack and holding possession throughout, the Rhode Island Stingrays clinched two first half goals en route to their first home win of the season over the Brooklyn Knights 2-0 at Rhode Island College Soccer Field.

Ben Berube (8th minute) scored the only goal necessary, while Matt Marcin (38th) punched in another as the Stingrays earned their second win of the season.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on June 1, 2009

Não foi bonito o futebol praticado pelo Revolution, mas vençeu a partida, e a vitória valeu trez preçiosos pontos.

Eu sempre digo que mais vale jogar mal e ganhar do que jogar bem e perder, porque ao fim e ao cabo o que se lembrem foi quem vençeu a partida, o que se lembrem é sempre do resultado final.

Ė verdade que quando se joga bem fica-se sempre mais perto da vitória, mas nem sempre isso aconteçe, e como o Revolution estava neçessitado de pontos esta vitório foi oiro sobre azul. Mas a verdade é que os rapazes comandados por Steve Nicol estiveram neste jogo muito melhor do que no jogo na passada semana em Toronto.

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