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Ex-Revs Watch: Semedo, Torres, Zenga

Posted by Mike Marshall on June 10, 2009

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often thought to yourself, “Self, what ever happened to former Revolution midfielder Carlos Semedo?  Where is he playing these days?”  Now, we know…

He’s playing for a club called Emigrantes Das Ilhas of the New England Luso American Soccer League.


For whatever reason, Semedo never returned to Europe and is instead playing semi-pro for a team of Cape Verdean immigrants based in Brockton.

By the way, Emigrantes Das Ilhas might be my new favorite team based on nothing but their team picture.  The guy standing in the back row second from the right wearing sunglasses might be my favorite player, and I don’t even know who he is.

The Western Mass Pioneers knocked Emigrantes out of the US Open Cup by a score of 3-2 on Tuesday night.

Not to be outdone by Semedo, former Revs forward Johnny Torres plays for a team called 402.

Yes, that’s it – 402.

It’s a team based out of Nebraska featuring mostly former Creighton and Saint Louis players.  Torres starred for Creighton in the mid-to-late 1990s.  I have to admit being taken back when I read that he’s 33 now.

Oh, and Torres’ teammate?  None other than Revolution draft pick Andrei Gotsmanov, who opened the scoring on Tuesday night in 402’s 3-2 loss to Minnesota.  And apparently, Gotsmanov has impressed his coach with 402:

“He’s a classy midfielder. I’ve been at Creighton nine years now, and he’s the best pure midfielder we’ve ever seen. He’s a pure No. 10. The kid is incredible. Hopefully, at some point he’ll get a chance to be a good professional and end up hopefully being on our national team. He’s that good.”

Don’t get your hopes up, though…

“He’s not going to go to New England, he’s going to go on trials in Sweden and Denmark in the next month or so,” Mims said. “This will kind of be his last game with us. I think he’s looking forward to getting back home and playing in that game in front of his dad and his family. It should be exciting for him.”

…and finally, we check in with former Revs boss Walter Zenga.  Nine years ago, did you EVER think you’d hear someone say this about Spiderman?

“Zenga has a wealth of experience and is a great motivator. He will be able to drag us forward,” Amelia enthused on Sky Sport 24.

“He will do well in Palermo, we are very determined and he will help us reach new heights.”

If you missed it, Zenga recently resigned as Head Coach at Catania and was considered a front-runner to take over at Lazio (!!!) before signing with Catania’s bitter rivals Palermo.  Even more surpising?  Palermo is the EIGHTH (!!!) club to hire Zenga as a Head Coach since he left New England.


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