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Ralston Done for the Year

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 28, 2009

I had a feeling when he left the field on Saturday night that it would be the last time we saw Steve Ralston this year.

Looks like I was right.

Ralston suffers season-ending knee injury
Revs captain tore the ACL in his right knee on Saturday against Seattle

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – New England Revolution captain Steve Ralston suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on Saturday, Sept. 26, in the Revs’ match against Seattle, and will miss the remainder of the 2009 season. Surgery to repair the injury will be scheduled for a later date.

I hate to say it, but at 35-years of age, even if Ralston is willing and able to make a comeback, might the Revs be at the point where they should say, “Thanks, but no thanks”?  And if he still wants to play, deal him to whatever team he’d like to go to – Kansas City, perhaps?

At this point in his career, I just don’t like the odds of him playing as many minutes as the Revs need him to play.  Cut the cord, wish Rally all the best, and move on.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on September 28, 2009

By Walter Silva

Valeu Shalrie Joseph, com os dois golos á sua conta, mas o segundo foi mesmo á ponta de lança, mas foi mais difiçil do que pareçeu, é que ainda alguns jogadores não estavam quentes e já a equipa visitante estava na frente no marcador.

Mas foi uma vitória suada, e á custa de uma grave lesão do capitão e o melhor jogador desta equipa do Revolution, Steve Ralston contrai uma lesão dos ligamentos do joelho direito, mas só mais tarde se saberá a gravidade da mesma.

Ralston injury

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Abandon Ship!

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 21, 2009

Women, Children, and Burnsie first!

Women, Children, and Burnsie first!

I’m calling it.  It’s over.

The SS Revolution has hit an iceberg.  Time to abandon ship.

What other conclusion am I supposed to come up with?  Three games against Kansas City, Chivas USA, and the artists formerly known as the MetroStars, and they manage one point?

And with five of their remaining six games against likely playoff teams?

Nope, not buying it.  This is not a playoff team.  Time to start scouting for the draft.

Time to cue Jim Mora:

(Note: The author of this article reserves the right to change his mind should the Revs beat Seattle next weekend.)

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Posted by tonybiscaia on September 20, 2009

By Walter Silva

As duas equipas tiveram o que mereçeram, um ponto para cada uma e já foi demais, para quem joga assim não mereçe mais, é que o futebol praticado pelas duas equipas ficou áquem do esperado.

É que as duas equipas tinha de fazer melhor, os Red Bulls com este empate ficou práticamento fora desta edição dos playoffs, o Revolution ainda pode lá chegar mas terá forçosamento de fazer melhor.

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A VIEW FROM THE FORT: Nostalgia Breeds Nausea; Some Perspective On The Pats, Revs and the Future.

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 20, 2009

By: Jim Dow

When viewed through New England Revolution-biased eyes watching the re-branded “Boston” Patriots open up this season’s NFL campaign was a painful exercise in myriad ways. While the old-school uniforms were certainly an improvement on the Fashion Institute techno-tighties with accompanying Elvis logo inspired by some marketing idiot with the visual taste of a meatball, horrific memories rushed back of a cash-starved franchise constantly that long labored in the shadow of a more prosperous big brother.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on September 15, 2009

By Walter silva

É verdade os playoffs desta temporada estão em perigo, com esta derrota com um adversário directo está a ficar cada vez mais difiçil, com o novo modelo de playoffs o Revolution vai ter de começar a ganhar para poder lá chegar, senão sujeita-se pela primeira vez na era de Steve Nicol á frente do Revolution ficar de fora.

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On the bright side…

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 7, 2009

There’s simply no way Edgaras Jankauskas doesn’t win Goal of the Week honors.  He’s currently leading the vote with 70%.  There’s no need to even stuff the ballot box on this one, boys and girls.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on September 7, 2009

By Walter Silva

Golos para todos os gostos, e foram nada menos do que seis golos que se vio no jogo de sabado passado, com alguns “frangos” á mistura, mas tambem com golos de encher o olho ao mais exigento adepto do futebol, como foi o de Edgaras Jankauskas.

Mas esta vitória expressiva só se deveu a um árbitro que não perçebe patavina do assunto da arbitragem, cause que nunca falo dos árbitros mas desta vez será mesmo impossivel não falar. É que este senhor que vesti de amarelo mais me pareçia uma bailarina do que um árbitro de futebol, cometeu erros atráz de erros, mas o maior foi sem dúvida a expulsão de Shalrie Joseph, talvez Joseph tive-se feito falta,o que a nos não nos pareçeu, mas falta para cartão vermelho directo é que nunca foi.

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Just when you think you’ve got ’em figured out…

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 6, 2009

I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t believe the Revs are a particularly good MLS team, but I have to admit, I was starting to believe just a little bit.

In a short tournament, with a veteran goalkeeper, a stingy defense, and just enough offense… you know, it wouldn’t be the first time a team like that won (…I’m looking at you, Kansas City).

But when you give up four goals at home to a team that hadn’t scored in weeks, well it just kind of shocks you back to reality.

And spare me the complains about the officiating.  Did Shalrie actually make contact with his boot?  Did he miss him by inches?  Who knows?  I do know that he put himself in a bad position, and he needs to be smarter than that.

So now the Revs face a cross-country trip to face Chivas USA without Joseph.  Five of their final eight games are on the road, and their three remaining home games are against Seattle, Chicago and Columbus.

The playoffs are not a sure thing.

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If Thirty Is The New Twenty, Then Defense Is The New Offense And The Revs Are More Fun To Watch Than Barcelona, plus An Interview With Jay Heaps.

Posted by tonybiscaia on September 4, 2009


While the New England Revolution have taken 17 out of 27 possible points over their past nine matches to charge into serious playoff contention or perhaps better put, avoiding relegation, U.S. of A. style, the general sense amongst the die-hards is that this edition of the team is far less fun to watch than the high-scoring squads of Cancela, Dempsey, Dorman, Noonan, Joseph, Ralston and Twellman.

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