From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Abandon Ship!

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 21, 2009

Women, Children, and Burnsie first!

Women, Children, and Burnsie first!

I’m calling it.  It’s over.

The SS Revolution has hit an iceberg.  Time to abandon ship.

What other conclusion am I supposed to come up with?  Three games against Kansas City, Chivas USA, and the artists formerly known as the MetroStars, and they manage one point?

And with five of their remaining six games against likely playoff teams?

Nope, not buying it.  This is not a playoff team.  Time to start scouting for the draft.

Time to cue Jim Mora:

(Note: The author of this article reserves the right to change his mind should the Revs beat Seattle next weekend.)

One Response to “Abandon Ship!”

  1. Walter Silva said

    i agree. its one of the worst season for the Revs,i still cant belive that Steve Nicol will not ask for better players, im sure that if Steve goes to another club he will have better players, every team needs a player that can mak the diference, and the Revs just dont have-it, the game against the Red Bulls was just horrible,i cant remember a season like this one, and i ben up there for the past 7 years, but this one was the worst one ever,the quality of playing was just horrible, reminds me of same of the games of the portuguese league, Steve Nicol is time to ask for better PLAYERS

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