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The Gabriel Badilla Era Appears Over

Posted by Mike Marshall on December 15, 2009

In what should come as a shock to absolutely no one, it appears as if Revolution defender Gabriel Badilla will soon be headed back to Costa Rica to play for Deportivo Saprissa.  According to several articles in the Central American press, the player and the club have already agreed to terms, but Saprissa has yet to agree to a deal with the Revs.

Safe to say, I won’t be shedding any tears over this.

3 Responses to “The Gabriel Badilla Era Appears Over”

  1. The Truth said

    I respect your opinion but its obvious to me you know nothing of Badilla and I’d be willing to bet that you had no idea that he’s logged more world cup minutes at the U17 & senior levels, more minutes in the Concacaf Champions League & FIFA Club World Championship then every player on the Revolution combined.

    Do you even have any idea why he didn’t play this past season? I bet you know nothing about that either do you? Did you have any idea that he was and is the most expensive player acquisition in franchise history? I don’t even know why I’m bothering to post this as its apparent to me that no one reads this page as there are no other posts.

    Oh by the way if you look at the historical results between the US and Costa Rica on a national team level and club team level the Ticos OWN the Bars and Stripes and that’s the Truth! Later man.

  2. Mike Marshall said

    What I know about Badilla is that at this point in time, he’s expensive by MLS standards, and the Revs don’t really need him. They played all last season without him, and they were fine.

    All of the U17, senior NT, and Champions League appearances don’t really mean much of anything. Badilla has a less impressive resume than noted MLS benchwarmer Jovan Kirovski. What’s important is that at this point, he’s a $130,000 reserve player. That’s a luxury the Revs can’t afford.

    And yes, I’m aware of the history between Costa Rican clubs and MLS clubs. That doesn’t mean anything, either. Just because a player is good in Costa Rica, that doesn’t mean he’ll be a good MLS player. Paulo Wanchope? William Sunsing? Argenis Fernandez?

  3. The Truth said

    If the Revs don’t really need him they would just let him walk away for nothing and not honor the remaining years in his contract. Instead they’re charging Saprissa (3rd place in a Fifa Club World Championship – better than any team from the US or Mexico ever) $45k to lend him to them for 6 months? Seriously all b.s. aside he got a raw deal last season and that’s why he didn’t play hopefully for the betterment of the Revs that type of stuff wont go down again.

    If by fine you mean losing to Chicago the way they did seeing Jay Heaps embarrass himself attempting to defend Papa in the play leading to the first goal and then Blanco right before he scored the game winning goal? However to prove to you that I’m not as thick headed as you may think I am Darius Barnes was the man last season and a great replacement for Badilla.

    A less impressive resume according to whose standards yours? Come on man don’t try to play me like I’m some sort of novice. Badilla has scored goals in the final of the Concacaf Champions League; when was the last time a team from the US even reached one? LA about a decade ago or so? He’s scored goals in championship finals against Alajuelense (mind you Saprissa and Alajuelense are the last non Mexican teams to win Concacaf by the way). You remember Alajuelense right; it’s the team that beat the Revs twice in the tournament. By the way real quick Saprissa and Alajuelense have dropped a lot the last 2 years but at their apex a few seasons ago (when Badilla was there) they were stacked! Take a peak at their records against US teams it’s not bad at all.

    The mark of a great team is to have a great starting eleven and a great bench as well; the hell do you mean it’s a luxury the Revs cant afford? I’m assuming that you’re aware of the fact that the Patriots were named the 5th most expensive franchise on Earth by Forbes right? You know who owns the Pats and the Revs right? So are you trying to tell me that he can’t afford to pay the man? Come on man I hope your not a Kraft apologist.

    How about Gonzalo Segares and Douglas Sequeira to name a few ticos? On a different level the Fire’s coach the last few seasons (Hamlett) is Costa Rican and he schooled our boy Nicol all day everyday just look at his record against him. By the way do you even know where Wanchope played and what he did in his career? Damn man the US wishes they had a guy like that playing for them. Go to youtube and look up his goal against Man U and tell me what US player has ever done anything like that. Anyways nice talking to ya.

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