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RevsNet Top 20 Draft Eligible Players

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 13, 2010

I admit it – I’m not as up on the draft as I traditionally have been in years past.  Funny how having two girls under the age of three will do to the amount of time you have to spend driving all over New England to watch that kid from Dartmouth you heard about.

That’s not to say I still don’t talk to people.  People who’s opinions I trust.  Mostly, they’re former players or assistant coaches or just devoted followers of the college game, warts and all.

Note, this is not the order I think they’ll be drafted in.  This is how I’m ranking them based on who I think has the best chance to become a great MLS player.

RevsNet’s Top 20 Available Players

1.  Corben Bone, M, Wake Forest – LOVE this kid’s game.  IMO, one of the safest picks in the draft, and he still has significant upside.  If I were an Eastern Conference team with a glaring hole in central midfield, I’d give up an awful lot to get my hands on him.

2.  Ike Opara, D, Wake Forest -Buzz Carrick’s got it right.  Opara’s the best collegiate defender to enter the draft since Chad Marshall.

3.  Teal Bunbury, F, Akron – Better college player than the kid that will go #1.

4.  Tony Tchani, M, Virginia – Excellent college player, but let’s slow down with this whole “next Shalrie Joseph” stuff.

5.  Danny Mwanga, F, Oregon State – Has upside, but I don’t see him as #1 overall material.  A forward’s #1 job is to finish his chances, and I’m not sure he’s a great finisher.

6.  Amobi Okugo, M, UCLA – Call it a hunch… five years from now, we’ll all be wondering how Okugo didn’t go higher in the draft.

7.  Jack McInerney, F, U-17 National Team – High risk, high reward gamble.  Can he land with a team where he won’t sit on the bench for two years?

8.  Blair Gavin, M, Akron – Call it a hunch, but I think Gavin is a Steve Nicol kind of player.

9.  Austin da Luz, M, Wake Forest – Underrated wide player who may fly under the radar due to the talent he was surrounded with at Wake Forest.

10.  Andrew Weideman, F, California – I go back and forth on him.  I get the Taylor Twellman comparisons, but at times, he looks more like a poor man’s John Wolyniec.

11.  Toni Stahl, M, Connecticut – Could conceivably go much higher, but I wonder if he has enough bite to his game for MLS.

12.  Michael Stephens, M, UCLA – Don’t think he’ll go this high, but I think he’s a big-time sleeper.  Would have been a Top 10 pick if he signed with Generation Adidas last year.

13.  Andre Akpan, F, Harvard – He’s a local kid, so I wanted to rank him higher, but I just can’t do it.  Truth is, I was never that impressed.

14.  Zach Loyd, M/D, North Carolina – I know I’m not as high on him as most others, but I don’t think he’s big enough to play in the center of defense in MLS, and I’m not sure he’s good enough with the ball at his feet or with his passing to play in the midfield.

15.  Dilly Duka, M, Rutgers – Boom or bust pick, in my opinion.  He’s got some undeniable talent, but there’s just this overall kind of carelessness about his game that bugs me.

16.  Ofori Sarkodie, D, Indiana – Still think he’s the best pure left back in the draft pool.

17.  Kyle Nakazawa, M, UCLA – Would be much higher if he could stay healthy.

18.  Zach Schilawski, F, Wake Forest – Is it possible to be a 1st Team All-ACC and still be a sleeper?

19.  Collen Warner, M/F, Portland – Haven’t seen him play, but I’m told by one college assistant that he’s the best player in the country that no one knows about.  Good enough for me to put him in my Top 20.

20.  Chris Schuler, D, Creighton – A little bird tells me that a team late in the first round really, really, really likes Schuler.


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  1. Charlie said

    do the Revs draft from their own academy team?

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