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What should the Revs do today?

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 14, 2010

A little unsolicited advice for Steve Nicol heading into today’s draft:

1.  Avoid the forwards. Given the way this team struggled to score goals, it’s tempting to want to draft someone you think can score goals.  Forget it.  This team needs a proven, veteran goal-scorer that you can be reasonably sure will score 10 goals next year.  There isn’t one of those in this draft.  Kheli Dube is an ideal 3rd forward and can be a starter on a limited basis.  They need a better forward than they’ll likely be able to find at the draft.

2.  Avoid the goalkeepers. There’s not a single goalkeeper in this draft that I would feel comfortable with over the long term.  Look for some sort of veteran backup who can play

3.  Look to the long-term. I think the Revs have at times been guilty of heading into the draft trying to fill specific needs with short-term fixes.  With age starting to become a factor, it’s time to see if the club can find long-term replacements for the likes of Shalrie Joseph (Amobi Okugo?  Blair Gavin?) and Steve Ralston. (Corben Bone?)

4.  Trade up or trade out. I love the top six or seven players in this draft.  Unfortunately, the Revs don’t have one of the top six or seven picks.  I think there are maybe 20 players that I like.  Beyond that, I think the quality drops off significantly.  I’d like to see the Revs move up in to the top five to put themselves into a position to draft someone like Bone, Okugo, or Bunbury, who is the one exception to the “Avoid the forwards” rule.  I wouldn’t be too upset if the Revs stayed put, but I can’t see a whole lot of players beyond the Top 20 or so picks worth drafting.  I’d love to see the Revs shop their remaining picks around the league to see if they can pick up a veteran backup goalkeeper, left back, or forward.

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