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Why the Revs’ Draft Baffled Me

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 14, 2010

I should start off by saying this: the Revolution drafted two pretty good players today in Zack Schilawski and Seth Sinovic.  And I start off that way because the fact that those two specific players were picked by this franchise has me shaking my head.

Let’s start with Schilawski.  Yes, the Revs needed scoring, and yes, Schilawski had a productive season with New England’s AAA squad after three seasons of being the  team’s “super sub”.  But a forward in the first round – not just Schilawski, but any forward – has me shaking my head.

It comes down to two questions:

1.  Can you rely on Taylor Twellman to play something close to a full season next year?

2.  Do you think Kheli Dube is a starting-caliber MLS forward?

If you think the answer to both of those questions is “yes”, then you have no problem picking Schilawski to play the 3rd forward role.  I won’t even argue whether or not you should continue sniffing glue.

Let’s say you’re confident about Twellman’s return to health, but view Dube as a prototypical 3rd forward.  That either means that you drafted Schilawski with the intention of starting him – a dangerous proposition – or you just spent a first round pick to fill the fourth forward spot on your roster.

Let’s say that you really like Kheli Dube, but aren’t so sure about Taylor Twellman.  Again, that means that either Schilawski starts paired with Dube, or you’re using a first round pick to draft a kid to come off the bench.  This is the most likely scenario in my mind, but I’m not sure you use the 9th pick in the draft on a kid you think will come off the bench.

And if you’re like me and believe that you can no longer count on Twellman and Dube’s a pretty decent reserve forward, then that still means that the Revs view Schilawski as either a rookie starter, or the 4th forward.

I understand the need to add a forward.  I don’t understand the need to add one with your first round pick.  At that point in the proceedings, I’d have moved down and hoped to land Weideman or Akpan a little later on.  To me, the Schilawski pick smells like a “need” pick without a tremendous amount of thought into how he’ll fit in.

Sinovic is another puzzling selection to me, and again, not because he’s a bad player, but because he’s pretty much an Amaechi Igwe clone.  He’s a natural left back, he’s fast, he’s at his best going forward, and he makes some mistakes defensively.  Oh, and he’s eight months older than Igwe, who at least has some professional experience.  At some point, Igwe’s got to get an extended run out.  If he can’t handle it two or three months in, then you get an experienced replacement.

The only way this makes sense to me is if the Revs view Sinovic as an upgrade over Chris Tierney.

The rest of the picks?  A bit uninspiring.  I’d be surprised if any of them made even the Developmental Roster.


One Response to “Why the Revs’ Draft Baffled Me”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    Nice piece, Mike. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t exactly inspired by the selections. Hey, I hope I’m proven wrong, but if Schilawski becomes the Revs go-to guy up top this season, this team is mucked, with a capital “F.”

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