From the halls of Foxboro Stadium…

Gibbs Trade Awaiting League Approval

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 20, 2010

According to multiple sources, it appears the Revolution and Colorado Rapids are awaiting final approval on a trade that will send the rights to Jeff Larentowicz and midfielder Wells Thompson to the Mile High City in exchange for veteran defender Cory Gibbs, backup goalkeeper Preston Burpo, a 2011 draft pick and cash.

Gibbs is was a pretty good player when healthy.  The problem is that he hasn’t been terribly healthy since he left FC Dallas for Feyenoord in 2004.

My next question is, where is he going to play?  Is he going to play in the center of defense in place of either Darrius Barnes or Emmanuel Osei?  Does Osei push forward into the midfield to replace Larentowicz?  Could they even be thinking about playing Gibbs at left back, where he’s spent some time in the past?

Still, given Gibbs’ salary and injury history, it’s a pretty big gamble.  And it’ll be an even bigger gamble if Larentowicz ends up signing with the Rapids.

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