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I Hate This Trade

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 22, 2010

Back when it looked like Jeff Larentowicz was headed for Europe, I was OK with the proposed trade that would send his rights to Colorado in exchange for Cory Gibbs, Preston Burpo and a bag of magic beans.  At least Steve Nicol could no longer view Wells Thompson as a legitimate option coming off the bench.

But now that he’s signed with the Rapids, I officially hate this trade.

They filled one hole by opening up another.  What’s the point?

3 Responses to “I Hate This Trade”

  1. baldeagle_6918 said

    “They filled one hole by opening up another. What’s the point?”

    I think they have a few guys to replace them with. Phelan can come in and play centermid. Osei can play centermid and we also have Corluca, Castro and Vidiera to play in the centermid. Don’t forget about Ralston if he comes back.

  2. Mike Marshall said

    I’m not sure I like any of those options. Pat Phelan? That’s a HUGE downgrade from Larentowicz, in my opinion.

  3. baldeagle_6918 said

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all a fan a Phelan either. But we have options. Perhaps the club will go find someone in the offseason, hahaha, that’ll be the day.

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