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Mike Burns: Professional Liar

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 26, 2010

I realize that you can never take snippets of information from coaches and General Managers as absolute gospel.  If the Revs really are in the market for an attacking midfielder, it doesn’t do them any good to announce it to the world, because most player agents have internet access these days.

But honest to God, Mike Burns… who ya crappin’?

New England will have fill the significant hole created by Larentowicz’s departure. Larentowicz and Shalrie Joseph formed one of the top central midfield tandems in the league over the past couple of seasons, forging a bond that saw Joseph lobby publicly for a new deal for his partner several times during the course of the 2009 season and prompted Larentowicz to say he was “indebted to Shalrie for being able to play next to him” after the deal went down. There are choices in-house – Pat Phelan would make the most sense as a like-for-like replacement – but no one player currently on the books can replace Larentowicz’s contribution.

“If (the deal) means we have to go out and try to replace Jeff, then we’ll do that, but we feel like we have guys on our roster that can fill that void,” Burns said.

My initial reaction?  Good God, they think Pat Phelan’s a starting midfielder.

Once the panic subsided, I realized that they may not, in fact, be talking about Phelan, but rather Emmanuel Osei, who has played the position in the past.  I think Osei would probably do a pretty good job in that role.

So, who takes Osei’s spot in the center of defense?  Newly acquired Cory Gibbs?  But that would push either Seth Sinovic or Chris Tierney into a starting role on the left side of defense.  It could also be that the Revs haven’t quite given up on Gabriel Badilla, yet.  That would be the ideal solution, but I’m still skeptical that Badilla could play in MLS.

But if Larentowicz’s replacement is already on the roster, what about the attacking upgrades that Burns promised fans earlier this winter?  Steve Nicol seems happy with his forwards.  Kenny Mansally and Mauricio Castro seem to have the left-side of midfield nailed down pretty well.  With Steve Ralston out and possibly not returning and Wells Thompson turning into Colorado’s problem, the Revs could use a quality winger on the right side.

But could that be it?  Could that be all there is to the Revs’ rebuilding efforts?  Unless the right winger in question is Cristiano Ronaldo, that sounds like a recipe for continual mediocrity.

2 Responses to “Mike Burns: Professional Liar”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    Deciding between Osei and Larentowicz Lite to take over the Kaiser’s role is like looking at a Pontiac and a Saturn to replace a Benz. More forward thinking brought to you by Kraft Soccer.

    Pride & Passion…and Mediocrity.

  2. David Wiley said

    Sadly enough, I think you’re initial panic reaction was right: They think Pat Phelan is a starting midfielder. In fact, if we look back at his acquisition, I’ll bet they bought Phelan specifically for the time when they knew they weren’t going to want to pay Jeff what he’s worth. I don’t know what’s more scary, THAT or the fact that they think they have the scoring numbers to do something next season. All of that plus watching our teams spine dissolve makes me think that Shalrie is going to be the only thing between our team and last place next season. I hope I’m just being melodramatic, but we need some good news and soon.

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