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Twellman: I’m not ready

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 27, 2010

Revolution forward Taylor Twellman told The American Soccer Show on Wednesday that while his condition is improving, he has not yet fully recovered from the effects of a devastating collision with Los Angeles Galaxy goalkeeper Steve Cronin in August of 2008.

“Can I say that I feel a lot better than I did six months ago?  Of course I do,” said the New England striker.  “Am I ready to go out and do diving headers, yet?  No.”

“It’s one of those processes that, you kinda have to go through it day by day – literally exercise by exercise.  You have to start over.  You have to retrain your brain.”

While speaking with hosts Jason Davis and Zach Woosley, the Revolution’s all-time leading goalscorer also talked about the difficulties in recovering from the injuries sustained in the collision.

“The complicating factor to my injury is my neck.  I’ve dealt with a serious neck injury.  It’s basically severe whiplash.”

“Getting over whiplash and post-concussion is definitely a hassle.  But every doctor I’ve seen has said ‘You’re gonna be fine.’  Unfortunately, time is the only healing factor, and right now I’m waiting.”


3 Responses to “Twellman: I’m not ready”

  1. Mike Flanagan said

    He’ll never play a full season in MLS again. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if he never played again, period. Not with five documented concussions and a history of playing with little regard to personal safety. In short, if Taylor ever does play again, he’d have to stop playing the way he’s been playing for his entire life.

  2. sal said

    what a shame that is. Revs should’nt wait for him like last year, looks like this is going to be a rebuilding year.

  3. Robert said

    We are all waiting for taylor’s return. I have three boys that play and one that….well lets just say it.. you are his hero. We cant wait to see you back out there but im sure i speak for everyone when i say we want you out there healthy and when your ready. Best of luck. and thanks.

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