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Revs Hand Reinaldo Navia a Three Day Trial

Posted by Mike Marshall on February 5, 2010

According to numerous sources, including the team’s official blog, the Revs will fly in 31-year old free agent Chilean forward Reinaldo Navia into town next week for a three day trial.  A bronze medalist from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Navia is a veteran of the Mexican League, who has played sparingly the last several seasons.  In fact, FC Dallas tried to sign him two years ago, but were unsuccessful.

In this video, he certainly looks the part:

Of course, there are two sides to every coin:

If you’re wondering, “el gordo drogadicto” translates to “the fat drug addict” in English.

One Response to “Revs Hand Reinaldo Navia a Three Day Trial”

  1. baldeagle_6918 said

    This guy seems to be the most inconsistent player I’ve seen in years. This is who we may sign as DP? My goodness!!!

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