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I Really Like Marko Perovic

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 16, 2010

It’s not quite a DVD Player in terms of scouting, but after watching a few You Tube clips of Serbian midfielder Mark Perovic, I really hope the Revs sign him.  Take a look:

Big kid… quick feet… skilled… good in traffic… and yes, I realize it was pretty poor defending.

And when was the last time the Revs had someone who could do that on a set piece?  But I suppose anyone could get lucky once, right?

Clearly a threat on set pieces.

This is just pure class.

If Perovic is half as good as he looks in these videos, and the Revs can get him for a reasonable price, there’s no reason they shouldn’t sign him.


2 Responses to “I Really Like Marko Perovic”

  1. Revsweyma said

    Nice to see he is used to playing well in large stadiums… with blue seats… and nobody in them.

  2. John said

    Marko will change Revs for better….just wait. Young and experienced, from top European clubs, he is new blood we need so much…I believe Revs will have soon few new players from European side…

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