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Billelo: What’s wrong with Gillette?

Posted by Mike Marshall on April 7, 2010

If this isn’t a kick in the gut to everyone who has dreams of a new Revolution stadium, then I don’t know what is:

Revolution management is happy with the consistent number of fans in the seats and the legion of followers.

In a related story, Captain Edward Smith is happy with the RMS Titanic’s current heading and sees no reason to change course.

But why, they ask, should they move? The Revolution, under the Kraft Sports Entertainment group, own the stadium, own the surrounding land and parking lots and concession rights.

They also own an increasingly apathetic and shrinking fan base.  If they don’t recognize this, then I’m not sure there’s a lot of long-term hope for the future of the franchise.

It’s not that Revolution would not welcome a “soccer only” facility. But, some public and private financing would have to make it work “and why should we spend 100 million on a new stadium and have our attendance increase only 10 percent and have to pay that off?” asked Bilello.

So, the Revs are looking for public financing?  Seriously?  The Revs?  The Red Sox couldn’t get public financing for a new Fenway Park.  Bob Kraft has to give the Commonwealth a portion of his parking revenues.  This is simply never going to happen.



One Response to “Billelo: What’s wrong with Gillette?”

  1. Brian said

    So despite consistent success throughout most of this decade, average attendance is less than half of what it was in 1997. We used to always be in the top three in attendance a 12 team league… now we’re in the bottom three in attendance in an 18 team league. And they’re satisfied with all that?

    This mentality explains the stagnation seen in all areas of the club.

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