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Would you take Taylor Twellman back?

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 26, 2010

Pure hypothetical with zero inside information… let’s say Taylor Twellman comes back to the Revs and says he’ll play the next two seasons for $150,000/year.  Would you take that deal if you’re the Revs?  What if it’s $100,000?  Or is it just time for the organization to move on, no matter how much he’s willing to play for?

On the plus side, if he ever does regain even 80% of his prior form, he’s well worth the money.  On the down side, there’s a decent chance you’ll just be throwing away $150,000/year.

Personally, I think about $135,000/year is what I’d feel comfortable bringing him back at.


2 Responses to “Would you take Taylor Twellman back?”

  1. My personal pick as the greatest player to wear Revs blue…but it’s time to move on. No disrespect to TT, but he needs go to the next stage of his life, whether it’s coaching, broadcasting, whatever. Channel that competitive drive to be the best again, but doing something else. He has nothing left to prove on the field. He just shouldn’t take risks with his health.

  2. Mike Flanagan said

    We’ve already witnessed Twellman’s last MLS game. He’s not coming back.

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