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Posted by tonybiscaia on October 18, 2010

By Walter Silva

O Revolution fez deste jogo uma final, deixar o KC Wizards fora dos playoffs era o desafio que tinham pela frente, este jogo apenas servia para cumprir calendário para as hostes da equipa comandada por Steve Nicol.

E tambem servia para algums jogadores do Revolution mostraram service para poderem voltar na proxima temporada, mas por parte dos visitantes este jogo era de vital importançia.

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Posted by tonybiscaia on October 12, 2010

By Walter Silva

Foi a segunda vitória do Revolution fora de portas esta temporada, não tem sido uma temporada façil para a equipa comandada por Steve Nicol, muita juventude á mistura com muitas lesões com os seus melhores elementos, tudo isto junto não foi uma boa época para o Revolution.

Mas acabar a época a vençer é sempre bom, dá um alento para a próxima temporada, que se diz que vai ser melhor, pelo menos foi que que disse o presidento para o futebol Brian Bilello a uns jornalistas de estimação.

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Jonathan Kraft on New Revs Stadium

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 5, 2010

From the fine folks at NECN:

“At the end of the day when you’ve got 15,000 people in a 70,000 seat building, you don’t have the energy that you get in a 20,000 seat building, and I think the scale of those buildings, which have really led to this growth, work in a city, too.  They don’t impact the surrounding areas the way a football stadium would, so we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to do that.”

I have two questions:

  1. Who is that impersonating Jonathan Kraft?
  2. What did he do with the real Jonathan Kraft?

Video of the whole conversation at

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Empate Era O Resultado Mais Justo

Posted by tonybiscaia on October 4, 2010

By Walter Silva

Sem dúvida que o resultado mais çerto seria um empate,mas como não á justica no futebol ganhou quem marcou mais golos. Foi talvez os melhores 45 minutos desta fraca temporada, mas como o jogo tem 90 minutoso Revolution perdeu por aquilo que jogou nos segundos 45 minutos, cometeu dois erros e pagou caro.

Dois erros dois golos, é que Matt Reis não fez uma única defesa durante todo o jogo, mas é çerto que na segunda metade o futebol praticado pela a equipa da casa ficou aquém do do esperado, por o que fez na primeira metade era de esperar mais.

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Twellman to Retire?

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 3, 2010

Tucked away neatly in an otherwise euphoric article about how the Revs may pursue multiple Designated Players this winter is this little bombshell from’s Gus Martins:

A big part of the team’s woes has been playing the season without all-time leading scorer Taylor Twellman who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome and will likely retire at the end of the season.

Yikes.  If this is true, I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s still a bit jarring.

Wonder if TNT will end up tweeting about this.  Hmmm…

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Hell Freezes Over: Revs to Pursue Designated Player

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 3, 2010


But in a good way.  A very good way.

Check out what Brian Bilello told Frank Dell’Apa in today’s Globe:

“In talking with ownership, their priority was not just getting better but they want to get better quickly,’’ Bilello said before Real Salt Lake defeated the Revolution, 2-1. “While they understand there are some things that may take a little bit of time to do, they want us to think about ways that we can get better very quickly.

“What we’ve decided on is we’ll be looking to bring in a designated player this offseason. Our goal would be to find a designated player before the 2011 season kicks off, but it’s hard to guarantee it because we don’t have players lined up or signed or anything like that.’’

Wait… it gets better.

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Revs Fall to Champs, 2-1

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 3, 2010

When I was little, I used to complain to my mom a lot about how something wasn’t fair.  Her stock response was, “Yeah, well… life isn’t fair.”

Neither is soccer.

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