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Hell Freezes Over: Revs to Pursue Designated Player

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 3, 2010


But in a good way.  A very good way.

Check out what Brian Bilello told Frank Dell’Apa in today’s Globe:

“In talking with ownership, their priority was not just getting better but they want to get better quickly,’’ Bilello said before Real Salt Lake defeated the Revolution, 2-1. “While they understand there are some things that may take a little bit of time to do, they want us to think about ways that we can get better very quickly.

“What we’ve decided on is we’ll be looking to bring in a designated player this offseason. Our goal would be to find a designated player before the 2011 season kicks off, but it’s hard to guarantee it because we don’t have players lined up or signed or anything like that.’’

Wait… it gets better.

“That’s a bit of a shift of what we’ve said in the past. We’ll still be looking for a designated player that can help us on or off the field. There aren’t that many of those guys out there you can spend a lot of money on and will bring in more money than you spend. The reason we haven’t had a designated player in the past is because we’ve been looking for that guy and there aren’t that many of them out there. The rule change has made it so you have more slots. The other piece, frankly, is cap space. I can’t really predict what’s going to happen with our cap, but it’s safe to say we’ll be in much better shape than we were this season.

“If we think we have room for two — I’m not ruling out either scenario right now. Frankly, we are focused on this year. The owners have told us they want us to go out and find players that can help us now. We’re going to go look for more moderate designated players that can help the team get better regardless of their marketing ability.

Two???!!!  Seriously???  The Revs???!!!!!!

Be still my beating heart.  I think someone has is finally getting it.

But before we all go out and pick our spots along the Parade Route around Patriot Place in the fall of 2011, let’s remember a couple of details:

1.  It’s the team’s goal to sign a Designated Player, not a guarantee.

2.  If they sign two, then I think Taylor Twellman is gone.  Depending on your views of the club’s all-time leading scorer, this may not be a bad thing.

3.  At this point, it’s still Mike Burns and Steve Nicol who will be pick said Designated Player(s).

4.  Brian Bilello just told every agent in the world that the team was willing to spend big bucks this winter.  I think every one’s asking price just went up.

Still, it’s nice to hear this from the organization.


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