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The Revolution Have The Resources But Do They Have The Resolve to Reach A Resolution In The New Year? Plus An Interview With Chris Tierney

Posted by tonybiscaia on December 28, 2010


by Jim Dow

In a recent interview on NPR’s On Point, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman used some telling examples to illustrate the woeful state of the United States compared to the rest of the world as regards the development and maintenance of infrastructure. He described the difference in departing from an airport in Europe or Asia and arriving at, say Kennedy or LAX as leaving the 21st Century and entering the time of the Flintstones. He then offered an equally damning comparison of the six months that it recently took to build an enormous international conference center in the Chinese city of Tianjin and the fact that it took the same amount of time for D.C. Metro workers to fix a 21-step escalator at his local subway station in the nation’s capital.

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