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Are The Best Times In Foxboro In The Rear View Mirror? plus an Interview with Jay Miller.

Posted by tonybiscaia on February 14, 2012


Tim Thomas may be a an object lesson for all of us to not mix sport and politics but it seems to me that Robert Kraft, at least in the eyes of the Revolution’s most ardent supporters, had what might be called a Mitt Romney moment when he recently told Marcus Kwesi O’Mard of NESN that he preferred operating a team in a league where costs are strictly controlled.

“If we were to compete, I’d rather be competing against somebody working with similar budgets, then it’s how well we manage,” said the Pats/Revs owner, an observation that when taken in the context of not buying into the daft financial circus that is the Premier League makes perfect sense but when read by Revolution supporters seems roughly akin to the Republican hopeful seeming to say that he doesn’t care about the poor.
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