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Are We Witnessing the End of the Steve Nicol Era?

Posted by Mike Marshall on September 26, 2010

I mean, the way the Revs have played this year, you have to start wondering, right?  And the way the Revs have played in their last eight league matches is just embarrassing.  In fact, were it not for a 12-minute meltdown by the Seattle Sounders, the Revs would be 0-6-2 in that stretch with a goal differential of -11.

And the schedule is not doing the Revs any favors.  Two of their last four matches are on the road where they have shown little ability to earn points.  Their two home matches are against Real Salt Lake and a Kansas City Wizards team that figures to be fighting for their playoff lives.

I hate to say it, but we could seriously be looking at a team that finishes the year at 7-18-5 and having won just one of their last 11 matches.  Should that happen, would Steve Nicol be in trouble?  Would Kraft Sports make a move?

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Revs Hire Stephen Myles as Assistant Coach

Posted by Mike Marshall on February 4, 2010

Not much of a professional men’s soccer coaching resume, but it seems like a reasonable hire.  It’s just a complete bonus that he’s a dead ringer for Steve Nicol.

“We’re pleased to add Stevie to our staff,” Revolution head coach Steve Nicol said. “He’s someone who will fit in well with us in the way he goes about his job, the experience that he has and the knowledge that he’ll bring to our staff. He also has a great understanding of the U.S. soccer system, which will help us in developing our player programs.”

Myles, 48, comes to the Revolution from the David Beckham Academy in Los Angeles, where he has been the assistant director of competition since 2005. He has also spent the last two seasons coaching the LA Galaxy’s Under-16 team in the club’s youth development academy. Myles’ other previous coaching experience in the U.S. includes stints as the director of coaching with the Santa Anita Soccer Club, assistant coach with the San Jose Cyberrays (WUSA) and director of coaching for the Tulsa Thunder youth program.

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Mike Burns: Professional Liar

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 26, 2010

I realize that you can never take snippets of information from coaches and General Managers as absolute gospel.  If the Revs really are in the market for an attacking midfielder, it doesn’t do them any good to announce it to the world, because most player agents have internet access these days.

But honest to God, Mike Burns… who ya crappin’?

New England will have fill the significant hole created by Larentowicz’s departure. Larentowicz and Shalrie Joseph formed one of the top central midfield tandems in the league over the past couple of seasons, forging a bond that saw Joseph lobby publicly for a new deal for his partner several times during the course of the 2009 season and prompted Larentowicz to say he was “indebted to Shalrie for being able to play next to him” after the deal went down. There are choices in-house – Pat Phelan would make the most sense as a like-for-like replacement – but no one player currently on the books can replace Larentowicz’s contribution.

“If (the deal) means we have to go out and try to replace Jeff, then we’ll do that, but we feel like we have guys on our roster that can fill that void,” Burns said.

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Do the Revs Have Pats Envy?

Posted by Mike Marshall on January 6, 2010

Credit to poster "Alan"

Consider this to be unsolicited piece of advice #1 for the New England Revolution’s new Director of Marketing, whomever he or she may be.

Stop treating the franchise as if they’re the New England Patriots’ retarded younger siblings.

Example #3,583 of Kraft Sports Group trying to turn a soccer franchise into Patriots, Jr. surfaced on Wednesday when drawings of the Revolution’s 2010 uniforms surfaced on the internet.  And while Revs fans had long been warned that the team was considering incorporating some silver into the team’s new jerseys, I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for this.

Good.  God.  The only things missing are the oversized numbers on the front and back and the NFL logo.

If this had been the uniform design for the Colorado Rapids or the San Jose Earthquakes, it would have been fine.  But for a franchise struggling to create their own identity in a crowded sports landscape?  Ugh.

I’ve never really bought the argument that the Krafts don’t care about the Revs.  But I can’t shake the idea that as far as the soccer team in Foxboro goes, they simply don’t know what they’re doing.

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Nicol: Success Defined as Making the Playoffs

Posted by Mike Marshall on December 14, 2009

I’m actually surprised my head didn’t explode while reading Kyle McCarthy’s vomit-inducing year-end Revs wrapup article on  I still may have an issue with my blood pressure… we’ll see.

The cherry on top of the Hot Crap Sundae is this gem from the suddenly way too comfortable Steve Nicol:

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What next for Nicol, Revs?

Posted by Mike Marshall on November 10, 2009

Another season, another unsatisfactory conclusion.

A few days removed from what was an exceptionally painful ending (Jesus, anyone but him…) many Revolution fans are taking time to step back and look at the bigger picture.  And I’d have to think that most don’t really like what they’re looking at.

2009 was the 3rd consecutive year in which the club earned fewer points and had a worse goal differential than the previous season.  It’s difficult to draw any other conclusion then the organization is moving in the wrong direction.  And it’s time for that to stop before the situation gets any worse.

It’s beyond time for the Revolution to make sweeping changes to their organization, both on and off the field.  Players, trainers, coaches, executives, peanut vendors – they should all be evaluated, and none of them should be assured of returning in 2010.  Because as a Revolution fan from Day One, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get excited about a club that seems to be stagnating on the playing field and at the gate.

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Report: Mariner Headed Back to England

Posted by Mike Marshall on October 8, 2009

A bit of a shocker for a slow Thursday evening:

Former England striker Paul Mariner is being lined up for a return to first club Plymouth as assistant manager.

Mariner, 56, has been in talks with the new Home Park board and his appointment is set to be rubber-stamped next week.

It will be his first management post in England after 20 years in the USA, where he is assistant to ex-Liverpool and Scotland defender Steve Nicol at MLS club New England Revolution.

No word as to whether Mariner would be leaving immediately, or if he’d see this season out in Foxboro.

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Could the Union Give Mariner his Shot?

Posted by Mike Marshall on May 19, 2009

Ives Galarcep has an interesting piece on his site discussing possible Head Coaching candidates for the newly christened Philadelphia Union. (gag)  Chief among the candidates is perennial Head Coaching bridesmaid Paul Mariner.

An informal poll of Union supporters puts Mariner in the lead ahead of candidates such as Colin Clarke and Piotr Nowak.

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Time for Revs to End the Nicol Era

Posted by Mike Marshall on May 18, 2009

By: Mike Marshall

Watching the Revolution hold on to a 1-1 draw for dear life  at home against the Colorado Rapids, you got the sense that you were witness to a Dead Team Walking.  Sure, the Revs still have a host of players making daily trips to the trainer’s room, but with all due respect to the job that Gary Smith and Paul Bravo are doing, they weren’t exactly facing Manchester United.

As the MLS season hits the quarter pole, New England finds itself struggling to stay in the pack.  Far more concerning then the team’s 2-2-4 record is how they’ve looked.  Eight games down, and the Revs have probably been outplayed in six or seven of them.  They’ve been outshot 136-57.  They’re last or next to last in the league in goals, assists, shots, shots on goal, shots allowed, fouls committed, and corner kicks.  All of which suggests that to this point, New England hasn’t don’t much of anything well, with the possible exception of keeping the team’s goals against fairly respectable.

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Defend the Fort

Posted by Mike Marshall on March 6, 2009

You know, for all the times we skewer the Revs for doing something wrong, nothing makes us happer then when they do something right.

So, major kudos are in order for the folks in marketing who came up with this…

Very, VERY nice.

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